Welcome to the ELNY Hardship Fund Website

Updated December 12, 2014

Per the April 16, 2012 order of Judge John Galasso, New York Supreme Court, Nassau County, the liquidation plan for the Executive Life Insurance Company of New York (ELNY) began August 8, 2013.

The liquidation represented a new phase of benefit payments for the payees of the former ELNY. For further information on the liquidation plan, visit www.gabenefitsco.com.

The $100 million Hardship Fund, voluntarily established by life insurance companies, assisted payees most greatly affected by the benefit cuts resulting from ELNY’s liquidation. Following completion of the regulatory review process of the Fund, decisions on all applications were completed and awards distributed.

The Hardship Fund was managed by JAMS (www.jamsadr.com), the largest private alternative dispute resolution provider in the world, with offices throughout the United States, including New York. JAMS has a history of professionally administering special funds fairly and equitably.

An overview of the application and review process is now available here. The application process is complete and decisions with respect to all Hardship Fund applicants have been made. Applications are no longer being accepted.

If you have any questions, you may call toll-free, 888-809-2254. You may also email us at questions@elnyhardshipfund.com or write to ELNY Hardship Fund Claims Administrator, P.O. Box 3207, Portland, OR 97208-3207.